company offering

Group Courses in-house at your company's place or in the Conlinguas training rooms in Thalwil

Our courses for companies are tailored to your needs and those of your employees. We take into account your specific professional situations, e.g. your employees will be specially trained in the skills that they are often confronted with in their daily work, for foreign assignments or for exams. You may want to determine the frequency of the language course i.e. weekly lessons or intensive courses, class sizes from 1 to X students and select your preferred training location, be it our training facilities at Bönirainstrasse 14 in Thalwil or in-house at your company's location (Thalwil, Horgen, Zug and Zurich).

Value Proposition

  • Our program is specially designed to meet the needs of your company and your employees
  • Temporal and local flexibility, especially lunch learning or the choice in-house at your premises or in our school
  • Inclusion of company-internal material
  • Focus of learning content on business context and language
  • High interactivity and liveliness of our teaching and cultural reference to the countries of our offered languages. Our students are always on the ball and learn quickly and with pleasure
  • With our special teaching method and active involvement of each student in groups, we achieve very high learning quality and results in our courses and can thus reduce homework to a minimum. This is an advantage that is particularly suited to the realities of business-intensive everyday life and is highly appreciated by our corporate clients and their employees