vacation preparation

Finally the time has come - the holiday is just around the corner! Are you travelling to Spain, Latin America or other language destinations and would like to be prepared for typical holiday situations? Whether in a hotel or a restaurant, at the airport or at the train station. Then our "Fit for Holiday" courses are just the right thing for you.

These courses are designed for beginners without (or with little) previous knowledge who want to learn the basics of conversation situations in everyday holiday life in a compact way. You can also use the course as a trial course to see if you enjoy the language and like our learning concept.

The course is communication-oriented. You will learn complete sentences for practical use. Grammar is not in the foreground, but you should be able to ask simple questions and understand simple answers, you should learn how to say hello, ask for the way or order in the restaurant.

You will also get to know the cultural differences, the little things to watch out for or the small mistakes to avoid. Most of our teachers themselves come from the country, the language you have chosen and live the flair, joie de vivre and cultural background  - so we can get you in the right mood for your holiday destination already here in Switzerland :-)