exam preparation

Conlinguas Exam Preparation

With our courses specifically designed for the exam, we prepare you for exams such as the Spanish DELE exam, the German exam at the Goethe-Institut or other exams. As part of our trial lesson (free of charge), we will select the right exam for you and the appropriate course in small groups or individual (e.g. by means of focused intensive tuition to close specific gaps quickly). Our teachers are familiar with these exams and therefore know how to prepare you and where you still have gaps.

With our extensive experience and individual attention, we achieve the highest success rates in our students' exams - our teachers are passionate about it! So far all of our students have passed their exams right away :-)

Give us a call if you are planning an exam in the short or long term - we will be happy to get you there.

What is the exam preparation about?

The language diplomas mentioned (DELE, Goethe Institut or for English Cambridge) are official certificates recognised worldwide as proof of your language skills. We recommend our students who are learning a languague due to their professional career or studies to take a language exam.

Advantages of language diplomas

  • Recognized all over the world
  • They are based on the specifications of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Internationally recognised by public and private educational institutions, private companies and chambers of commerce
  • Allow access to universities, public and private institutions and public services
  • Unlimited validity
  • Facilitate the receipt of scholarships and the entry into working life and education system
  • Facilitate international access to the academic and professional spheres
  • Confirmation of your ability to use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes
  • Supplement the curriculum for languages in educational institutions of some countries