Mary Luz Hammer: Language Teacher, heart and spirit behind Conlinguas language school

Spanish Language Teacher Mary

Behind Conlinguas is Mary, a trained and certified Spanish teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience in various cultures. In Venezuela, she completed her degree in Modern Languages at the University of Los Andes, including a one-year internship semester in Germany. Since then, she has continued her education in various courses and seminars. In addition to Spanish (mother tongue), Mary speaks English, French and German (B2 certification). She ran her own language school in Venezuela / Isla Margarita. Since 2010 Mary has been living in Switzerland, where she has built up the Conlinguas Spanish language school together with his husband and continues to develop it with her enthusiastic, lively nature and her extensive teaching experience. Mary loves to communicate with people from different cultures. As a dynamic teacher, she responds flexibly to the needs of each individual in both private and group courses or company lessons with a heterogeneous composition. Mary is married and lives with her Swiss husband in Thalwil on Lake Zurich.

Mary, what is your professional motivation? - Mary:

'I have met people with different needs, learning methods and individual abilities during my teaching activity. They all have a common goal, the desire to open a door to a new language (this guiding principle also lives in our logo). I consider myself fortunate to help these people achieve their goals. With Conlinguas we have created a language school that lives the Spanish language and culture and brings it to life also in our other languages trained'.

Sam Burkhard, German Teacher

Profilbild Sam

Already in my youth I had a great passion for languages and texts. As a result, I found my way to the University of Zurich through a variety of stations, where I completed my Master's degree in German and Sinology. In recent years I have had the opportunity to teach at various grammar schools and language schools. This has shown me that I enjoy this job very much and that I love to pass on my knowledge.

The direct contact to the people is a lot of fun for me, because I can learn again and again as a teacher. The possibility to use didactic models and learning methods adapted to the situation during the lessons is very exciting for me.

"Working at the CONLINGUAS language school offers an ideal setting for all of this, which is why teaching here is a real pleasure."


Jacqueline Käppeli, German- and Spanish Teacher

Portait Bild Jacqueline

After studying German/Spanish, Linguistics and Pedagogy at the SAL Zurich (School of Applied Linguistics, FHS), I have had many enriching teaching experiences with young people at a secondary school over the past 10 years, as well as in small group or individual lessons with adults. I like to incorporate "head, hand and heart" into my teaching style, which also corresponds perfectly to the school culture of Conlinguas language school and effectively supports the motivation and success of the learners.

'...anyone who does not know foreign languages and cultures knows nothing about people and the world...; this is my conviction and motivation to convey German, our culture and history with enthusiasm. I am very happy to be part of the Conlingua's team of teachers.!'



 Juan Larios, Spanish Tutor

Spanisch Sprachkursleiter Juan

Juan has been involved in our school for years, whether behind the scenes or as a Spanish tutor. In the Conlinguas Conversation Club he has taught our students the Spanish language, experienced our school culture and helped to shape it. Juan is known and popular by the Spanish students of CONLINGUAS. Juan supports us behind the scenes and teaches Spanish in our conversation club and private lessons for advanced students.

Juan is a Spanish citizen, grew up in Spain / Sevilla and holds a degree in Geography and History from the University of Seville. He continues to develop his German skills and language teaching skills. Juan is a Sevillian by heart in Switzerland. Our students appreciate his Spanish language roots, his knowledge of Spanish culture, history and geography, which he integrates excellently into his teaching, and his great enthusiasm which fills him as a Spanish tutor.