Todo un éxito nuetra primera clase de es…

Allá vamos de nuevo, con las alas de la imaginación 😍. El día de ayer fue un gran día para nuestra escuela Conlinguas porque quisimos y pudimos 😜. A las 6.00 de la tarde tuvimos nuestras primer...

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CONLINGUAS : Corona-Virus Update 15.03.2…

Liebe CONLINGUAS Gemeinschaft Wir alle sind von den Entwicklungen um das Corona-Virus betroffen. CONLINGUAS nimmt die Situation ernst. Wir passen daher per sofort und bis auf Weiteres unser Lernangeb...

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Comparto una buena noticia para la escue…

Nos alegra compartir con todos los amigos de Conlinguas nuestro primer y gran día de fama 😁😎 Hoy aparecí en la tercera pagina del periódico Gewerbezeitung Thalwil  presentando a nuestra escuela.🤩...

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private course (ind.)      Flag ES Flag DE Flag EN

Spanisch Privatunterricht

Customized training adjusted to your very individual needs, e.g. your personal learning pace, goals like vacation or exam preparation, business language or other more ... more

group course (ind.)         Flag ES Flag DE Flag EN

Spanisch Gruppenunterricht

Training in small groups with 3-6 students. Take advantage of a high learning quality, individual training material and active exchange within the group members... more

Company courses            Flag ES Flag DE Flag EN

Spanisch Firmenunterricht

For companies we are offering a customized training incl. business language, intense courses, group classes, exam preparations, in-house or at our school location ... more

business language         Flag ES Flag DE Flag EN

Spanisch Geschäftsbereich

Competent and professional expression is pivotal in business context. We will prepare you for an impeccable communication with your clients and business partners ... more

exam preparation           Flag ES Flag DE Flag EN

Spansich Prüfungsvorbereitungen

Are you interested in preparing for a language exam (e.g. DELE / Goethe-Institute)? We take you there - so far all of our students have passed at the first go ! more

vacation preparation        Flag ES Flag EN

Spanisch Ferienvorbereitung

Finally, its time ! Vacation has arrived and you want to be ready to master the most common situations during your holidays. In our 'fit for holiday' classes we'll get you there ... more

seniors classes                     Flag ES Flag EN


Learning a language is not a matter of age. We keep you fit in your preferred language and our trained teachers adjust the courses to your pace and needs - in lively classes ... more

Conversation training          Flag ES

Spanisch Konversationsklub

For our Spanish community we are offering a conversation club - you practice Spanish in lively groups and sense the Spanish and Latin American culture ... more

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